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Destiny Warlock 2.0 by jackwolf1 Destiny Warlock 2.0 :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 1 0 Night Hunter by jackwolf1 Night Hunter :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 1 3 Abby Silk 1 by jackwolf1 Abby Silk 1 :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 0
Forgotten Melody
Too Quiet.
The thought echoed in Jack’s head as he gazed across the Ishtar ruins. Moisture hung heavy in the air as un-earthly insects buzzed between alien foliage growing between crumbling structures.
“Jack? Something on your mind?” his companion buzzed, it’s angular frame hovering by his head.
“Ghost, ever get the feeling that something’s off?” The warlock breathed, tightening the grip on his gun.
“Off? In what sense?”
“You know that feeling you get when you know there’s something you’re missing?” The warlock was sure something was wrong.
“Such as almost hitting an asteroid in warp drive?”
“No. More like,” the human swiveled around, aimed, pulled the trigger, and nailed a hovering Shank right in the optics. In less than an instant, hidden Dregs and Vandals emerged from the crumbling walls and leveled their weapons at him. “…feeling you just wal
:iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 0
Destiny Warlock by jackwolf1 Destiny Warlock :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 3 0
Mature content
Ozz'In every heart, there re :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 0
Jesus motivational by jackwolf1 Jesus motivational :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 2 4 Kisara Motivational by jackwolf1 Kisara Motivational :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 0
Soulless Words
Your tradition is long,
Your styles all known,
But where have you gone?
Where is your tone?
Words tell Stories,
Words tell Tales,
What happened to your glories?
Why are there only wails?
Where is your Spirit?
Were is your Soul?
Why can't I hear it?
What has taken its toll?
Your voice is empty,
Your face is pale.
Are you no longer tempting?
Why have you gone stale?
Where is the mantle?
The one you always wore?
Why is it so brittle?
So dirty and torn?
Where are the children,
Who always listened to you?
Have the all grown then,
And lost sight of you too?
I shall pick the up then,
And hold you close to my heart.
Please lean on me when
You want a new start.
I shall pick up your calling,
And mend your mantle anew!
I shall be going,
To find the listening few!
:iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 2 0
Split Soul
The figure I see,
Staring back at me,
Its fingers on mine.
Same eyes ad smile,
Looking all he while,
While other thought all this time.
The other mind,
Who is hard to find,
Within my very soul.
This other me,
That few can see,
And only I can truly know.
Split in two,
My souls I knew,
Both are part of me.
:iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 1 6
Introduction to the Full Metal Knights
        It is said that "the more things change, the more they stay the same". It is unfortunate that this continued to hold true for humanity seven decades after the new millennium. Humanity did indeed change: it became more sophisticated, each new invention and improvement to technology creating new ways of ease, and hardship.  Each time someone created something to ease everyday life, someone else always found a way to use it as a tool for killing.
After the election of its new justice in 2025, the supreme court overturned its laws forbidding stem cell research. Almost immediately, scientists began dissecting the genome, plumbing the depths it held. Thanks to their discoveries, cloning organs became the norm, completely replacing the need for organ donors. Blood banks now had ways of synthesizing their own supplies, drastically reducing the loss of life.
        Even as the secrets of biology were sought, so too were the
:iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 0
Most Vital Part by jackwolf1
Mature content
Most Vital Part :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 1 0
Who knew? by jackwolf1
Mature content
Who knew? :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 1
Essential for All pilots by jackwolf1
Mature content
Essential for All pilots :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 1
Vincent Approves! by jackwolf1
Mature content
Vincent Approves! :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 0 1
Hobo Power by jackwolf1 Hobo Power :iconjackwolf1:jackwolf1 7 0

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Destiny Warlock 2.0
My character has evolved. Now with the newest set of siva-infused raid armor and weaponry, including the infamous Outbreak Prime pulse rifle.
He's really come a long way since his previous incarnation.
For those wondering, the shader is The Old Guard. I really like the tiger pattern it has.

(Earlier version seen here:…)

Destiny is owned by Bungie.


United States


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